Electric Panel Upgrade

service panel upgrade Erie PA

Electrical Panel Upgrade Erie PA

Welcome to Shalkham Electric, your one-stop-shop for all your electrical service needs.

These days our homes are smarter with the latest technology gadgets. From modern lighting, power guzzling electronics like hi-definition televisions to hi-tech appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and driers etc., life is good and tasks made easier.

Unfortunately, existing electrical service panels are overwhelmed and there is need for homes to upgrade to new electrical systems that can handle increasing daily demands.

Overloading your electrical panel is highly dangerous and can lead to fire or shocks. If your home is more than 10-15 years old, your electrical system might not be able to handle the load required to support your gadgets. You need a panel upgrade right now.

As the best service panel upgrades experts in Erie, PA, we can help you upgrade your service panel to ensure the right voltage power gets to your home.

Whether you need to increase electrical capacity, install new circuits, need a fuse-to-circuit breaker upgrade or electrical receptacle to accommodate additional plugs and appliances, our experienced, reputable and licensed electricians are ready to perform the service panel upgrade that’s most excellent for your home.

Electrical installations can sometimes be complex and daunting, requiring the right design-build crew and expertise to guarantee safe and high quality workmanship with everything up to code.


Service Panel Updrages Erie PA

Just because an electrical contractor claims they can perform electrical panel or service upgrades doesn’t mean they are certified and experienced to do a phenomenal job. Don’t be fooled. You deserve the best and we offer nothing less.

When you are tired of overloads and ready to upgrade your main electrical service panel in Erie, PA, trust Shalkham Electric technicians to provide safe, effective and affordable solutions that meet and surpass electrical codes.

Our area of expertise includes:
• Installation, repair and maintenance of electric service panels
• Panel / Riser Upgrade or Relocation
• Troubleshooting and Repair / Violation Removal
• Electrical Emergencies (Power Failure,
• Commercial electric services
• Residential electric services
• Industrial lighting
• Commercial Energy Efficiency solutions
• Home surge protection

Where do you need electric panel upgrade professionals? Call (814) 873-2788 today and experience the Shalkham Electric difference!

Other Electric Services Include

"No job is too big or too small for us. When you need a reliable residential electric or commercial electric service contractor, always count on Shalkham Electric for excellent workmanship at reasonable prices."

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